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We are now rebuilding our Pilgrim Publications web site, so we ask a little patience as we work to get this project finished. Our latest announcements....

Back in Stock
- MTP Vol 51 Reprint Announcement (Now Available)

Coming Soon - THE SPURGEON BIRTHDAY BOOK (Read Online Now)

Explore a Spurgeon Classic! - THE SOUL WINNER (Premium Edition)

40% Discount image   MTP Spurgeon Sermon Series small image    MTP Vol 62/63 Full Front small image

SPECIAL OFFER - Save 40% on Spurgeon Books


In view of the current financial "hard times," we want to be of help to those of you who are desirous of purchasing titles we publish by Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892). Here is a "Hard Times" Special offer which is in effect until further notice:

40% DISCOUNT on one or more Spurgeon Titles by Pilgrim Publications
-- No minimum order required.

This applies to the following:

NEW PARK STREET PULPIT (3-Book Set/6 Vols.) - $120 ~ Discount Price: $72
NEW PARK STREET PULPIT Singles - $40 each ~ Discount Price: $24 (each)

METROPOLITAN TABERNACLE PULPIT Singles - $36 each ~ Discount Price: $22 (each) - currently, we have 50 of the 57 volumes in print > 2011 Reprints Info

TREASURY OF DAVID Psalms Commentary (7-Vol. Set - clothbound) - $130 ~ Discount Price: $78

C. H. SPURGEON'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY (2-Book Set/4 Vols.) - $99 ~ Discount Price: $59

THE SWORD & THE TROWEL (8-Vol. Set) - $128 ~ Discount Price: $77
- Vol 9 coming soon
(to be published in 2012)

ALL Hardbacks published by Pilgrim -- Deduct 40% Discount

ALL Paperbacks published by Pilgrim -- Deduct 40% Discount

NOTE: The 40% discount does not apply to non-Pilgrim titles by C. H. Spurgeon which we distribute but are published by other publishers; nor the books written by Bob L. Ross. Also no discount on VHS, DVD, CD-Rom, or the Spurgeon Color Photo (& Poster).

Consult our website for the List of C. H. Spurgeon titles published by Pilgrim Publications:

Shipping cost is additional and depends on the per pound rate charged by delivery companies (FedEx, UPS), and the US Postal Service.

Contact Pilgrim Publications: see below for Phone and Mailing Address.


New Release - Available Soon

C. H. Spurgeon's Forgotten Early Sermons ($30)

C. H. Spurgeon's Forgotten Early Sermons is the title of the book and it consists of 28 sermons which first appeared in the monthly magazine The Sword and the Trowel Magazine periodically after Spurgeon's death. The sermons have been taken from the magazine and compiled in book form by Terence Peter Crosby for the British publisher, Day One. Dr. Crosby also was the compiler of the book of Spurgeon's sermons entitled, C. H. Spurgeon's Sermons Beyond Volume 63 (also available from us for $40.00 + $4 shipping).

Place your order for either or both of these books of hitherto unpublished sermons:

___ C. H. Spurgeon's Forgotten Early Sermons

($30 + $4 shipping)
___ C. H. Spurgeon's Sermons Beyond Volume 63 (published in 2009)
($40 + $4 shipping)

Order by:  __Mail  __Phone  __Fax  __Email

All 4 Major Credit Cards accepted. For Online Ordering Please click here.

Pilgrim Publications, P O Box 66, Pasadena, TX 77501
Phone: (713) 477-4261 or (713) 477-2329
Fax: (713) 477-7561

How to find our publications (books etc.)

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Where you will find:

  • Product List by TITLE
  • C H Spurgeon Books
  • Bob L. Ross Books

Learn more about Pilgrim Publications & C H Spurgeon

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Contact Info for Pilgrim Publications: VIEW HERE

Learn more about Pilgrim Book Store

Local customers and others within driving distance of Pasadena, or those who are traveling to the Houston area, are invited to visit our retail store. We give a discount on all titles published by Pilgrim Publications which are purchased in person at Pilgrim Book Store.

We also carry a wide selection of the best Christian books available today published by the foremost publishers of Christian doctrine, theology, reference works, commentaries, Bibles, and other categories of books.

Pilgrim Book Store is the oldest book store in Pasadena, established in 1972, serving many long-time customers as well as the area's growing Latino population! Bibles, Books, Music, Gospel Tracts, Church Supplies, DVD/VHS Video Rentals and more. Any publication in print is either carried in our inventory, or we can supply it usually within a few days to one week.

Our Gospel Tract selection is very large, with numerous titles from many tract publishers. And since the 1970s, we have in stock the largest selection of Bibles in the Houston area, featuring all of the major translations.

1609 Preston Road
Pasadena, Texas 77503

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